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Face wax Spa in Gulshan

Experience Flawless and Smooth Skin With Professional Waxing Services

Hello, Hi, and welcome​ to the Gulshan Rose Spa.​ In the year​ оf successful experience,​ we know men have unique grooming needs. You deserve the most comfortable and private place that takes care of your look. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive range​ оf waxing services just for men.  Whether looking for the best quick touch-up or a men full body wax, our skilled therapists are here to help you. After taking advantage of our service, we can assure you that you will look more confident and fresh. 

Our Painless waxing for men gives long-lasting results that everyone wants. Waxing can remove hair from the root, unlike shaving, which leaves stubble and irritation. This means you get weeks​ оf smooth, hair-free skin. Now, there​ is​ nо time for ordinary razor bumps and time​ to enjoy​ a comfortable, polished look.

The Reason You Need​ to Choose Men’s Waxing?

The first question that comes to mind that Is waxing good for men? Scientifically, Yes! Waxing is good for men. It removes hair from the root, which will slow the regrowth of those unwanted hair for smoother skin. For this reason, Gulshan Rose​ will be the best choice for those mens who want effective and long-lasting solutions. We use high-quality waxes that decrease discomfort and make you pleasant every time. 

Waxing slowly regresses and makes hair softer and finer. Our services fit all of your needs. It includes face wax strips for men, men’s leg waxing, and full-body waxing​. Moreover,​ we maintain strict hygiene standards for​ a safe and ​ clean experience. Choose Gulshan Rose for your men’s waxing needs.

Waxing Price​ in Dhaka Bangladesh

At Gulshan Rose Spa, we are affordable plus luxurious also. We offer expert waxing services that are unmatched in Dhaka:

We are happy to ensure​ that you get a comfortable and pain-free experience. Book your appointment today for​ a smooth, confident look!

60min massage

60min / 7,999৳

90min massage

90min / 11,999৳

Benefits​ Of Waxing For Men

Smooth, Touchable Skin

The best wax for men makes your skin smooth instantly. Plus,​ it pulls hair from the root, unlike shaving, which gives you more relaxation from stubble and irritation. This can keep your skin smooth for weeks.​ It makes you look better and gives you the confidence to show off how well you're groomed.

Improved Hygiene and Odor Control

Extra body hair can be the reason of trap sweat, bacteria, and odors, causing body odor and skin irritation. Hair wax for men removes hair, giving you​ a cleaner, more hygienic look. Without hair​ to hold onto moisture and dirt, your skin feels fresher and more comfortable. It boosts your confidence​ in social and professional settings.

Enhanced Muscle Definition

For fitness fans, waxing is great. It makes your muscles stand out by removing unwanted hair. This shows off your hard work at the gym. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or just proud of your body, waxing helps you look smooth and sculpted.

Why Gulshan Rose​ is Dhaka's​ #1 Choice for Waxing Services

At Gulshan Rose Spa, we’re known​ as the best place for men’s waxing​ in Dhaka.​ We focus​ on giving you​ a comfortable and pain-free experience that stands out.​ We ensure minimal discomfort and excellent results with high-quality wax and expert techniques. That gives you​ a smooth experience and makes you feel confident.

We know waxing can be intimidating for some men. That’s why we’ve made a calm space for you to relax. Our spa is designed for your comfort so you leave feeling refreshed and at ease. Choosing Gulshan Rose Spa isn’t just​ a service—it’s​ a commitment​ to your well-being.

Meet The Quality And Comfort. Take The best wax for men from Gulshan, Dhaka.


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