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Feel the Difference: Premium Swedish Massage Services

Are you looking for a Swedish massage in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Gulshan Rose Spa is the only place to look. Swedish massage, which is well-known for relieving tense muscles and promoting deep relaxation, is one of the many massage techniques that our skilled massage therapists at Gulshan Rose are educated in. We offer a very well-liked therapeutic massage style that relieves stress in the muscles by using long, flowing strokes, kneading, friction, and other methods.

For a great Swedish full body massage in Dhaka, Gulshan Rose is the best spa. Gulshan Rose prioritizes your well-being above all else. Our highly-trained therapists are committed to delivering the best massage Services, ensuring a tailored and relaxing experience for each client.

Personalized Swedish Massage Experience

We at Gulshan Rose Spa Center are committed to giving each client a customized massage experience. Our therapists will explore your individual need and preferences during your initial consultation in order to customize the massage to meet your expectations. To begin your journey towards rest and renewal, schedule a Swedish massage at Gulshan Rose. Our knowledgeable therapists can assist with anything from relieving muscle soreness to helping you de-stress after a demanding workweek. Make an appointment right now to enjoy the many advantages of it.

Our prices

Let’s take a look at our affordable Swedish Massage price list. Your well-being is our top priority.

60min massage

60min / 7,999৳

90min massage

90min / 11,999৳

Benefits of Our Swedish Massage Services

Stress Relief and Relaxation

These massage therapies are designed to ease stress and encourage calmness. The gentle, flowing techniques promote deep relaxation and help your body and mind to calm.

Better Sleep Quality

We hope that Swedish massage will help you sleep better because it is peaceful and relieving. Your whole health depends on getting a good night’s sleep, which our massage treatments will help you achieve.

Luxurious Spa Environment

Gulshan Rose’s elegant and serene spa is the ideal location to relax and rejuvenate. As soon as you walk in, the calm atmosphere will surround you and enhance your massage experience.

Why Trust Gulshan Rose for Getting the Best Swedish Massage Experience?

We at Gulshan Rose provide top-notch Swedish massage services with a variety of positive effects on health and wellbeing. Our Swedish massage therapies at Gulshan Rose aim to promote general health. We treat both emotional and physical issues to help you reach a balanced and healthy state of being.

Make an appointment for a Swedish massage at Gulshan Rose to start your path to relaxation and rejuvenation. Our skilled therapists can aid with everything, from easing your tight muscles to assisting you in de-stressing following a taxing workweek. To take advantage of the many benefits of Swedish massage, schedule an appointment right now.  We are thrilled to help you achieve peace and well-being.

Swedish Massage Services in Gulshan Dhaka


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